with integrated Bridge suction

  • New mobile exhaust system

  • Bridge suction with air barrier

  • Optimal gathering of cooking vapour

  • Superior efficiency

  • Expanded possibility of device-insertion

  • More flexible field of application


  • Model: BA 1335W-16
    Device-insertion-space 800 mm
    for 2 devices each with 400 mm width

  • Model: BA 1735W-32
    Device-insertion-space 1.200 mm
    for 3 devices each with 400 mm width

  • Cooling/warming cabinet in subconstruction

Suitable for it:


  • 3part, demountable,
    with glass-decor for bridge cover
    for Frontcooking-Station SMOG STOPP
    with bridge suction

  • Design-option
    sample: MAKKASSAR / Glass red

BOHNER®-Frontcooking-station SMOG STOPP
with integrated hood suction

Advantages hood suction:

  • Independence of fix installed exhaust hoods or ventilation panels

  • Flexible choice of device-width

  • Hood suction expandable

  • Hood suction detachable

  • Supports for hood suction detachable

  • Counter-module mobile

  • Table-plates detachable

  • Choice of design

Design: BARBECUE      

Grill in XXL!

BOHNER®-Teppanyaki-Griddle Plate

Fresh ingredients, e.g. meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and rice can be dressed at the same time without problems in front of the guests. Without sticking! Without scorching!

Width of 120 or 140 cm, centric heating with circumferential warming zone, that's big pure grill pleasure!

Far Eastern Frontcooking:
Enough space for artistic Asian shows and
all of the creative grill-masters!

BOHNER®-Frontcooking-Station Teppanyaki
Station mobile and demountable,
feasible in various designs

The suitable look for each event!

The BOHNER®-Frontcooking-Station with Steakhouse-Look presents four innovations:


Station mobile and demountable,
feasible in various designs

Integrated hood suction:

  • Independence of fix installed ventilation covers. The cooking vapour is sucked directly over the grillable or cooking stuff, lead through the powerful filter system and blown out as clean air.

  • You can cook wherever you want, without giving "smoke signals"!

Striped griddle plate

  • for the typical striped grilled-meat optic,
    even for fish and vegetables!
    Grill area available in striped / flat.

Refrigeration cabinet

  • as pulling-in module and sub-construction
    for table-top devices at the same time.

Colour your Frontcooking!

FLEXI LINE "LED" with colour change

With this attractive counter and powerful devices you'll be presented as a professional when cooking in front of the guest!

At lightning speed you create a show-kitchen in the smallest space by the mobile and foldable front-covering and the proper pulling-in modules.

Feel free to cook wherever you want. With the BOHNER®- Frontcooking-station SMOG STOPP with integrated edge suction you always keep the suction system with you.

Immediately you match the required electrical devices to the particular character of the event. Regroup you equipment-mix of griddle plates, induction stoves or woks, pasta cookers and more.